China Anne McClain – Sisters

China Anne McClain’s Sisters include Lauryn Alisa McClain and Sierra Aylina McClain. They form a girl band of talented young entertainers who have grown up watching musical classics and Disney movies.

The McClain Sisters have a genuine love for singing, dancing and acting. Michael McClain is the father to this American pop and R’n’B girl group while Shontell McClain is their mother. They also have a brother, Gabriel Michael McClain who was born in April 17, 2001.


China Anne McClain's sisters

Through their love for music, the McClain sisters discovered a common interest in entertainment. The three girls realized their interest when they accompanied their father to the recording studio where he worked as a sound engineer, vocalist, songwriter, and music producer. After this visit to the studio, they began to choreograph dance routines and write songs. The dynamic threesome named their group 3McClainGirls.

In 2005, their father started to produce their music and in this very year, the 3McClainGirls recorded their first song, “Silly Games” followed by the song “Daddy’s Girls” in 2008. The group did not continue recording thereafter because China and Sierra were focusing on their careers in acting. A few years later on November 6, 2012 under the new name of the McClain Sisters their debut single “Go” was released and in 2014 they released their second song “He Loves Me”.

China Anne McClain’s sisters – Sierra Aylina McClain

The sweet and talented Sierra Aylina McClain is the lead singer of the McClain Sisters and an actress from the USA. Her nationality is American.


Sierra was born on March 16, 1994 in Decatur, Georgia, USA. She is 22 years old and the oldest of the four children. Her birth sign is Acer.


This actress is of average height. She is five foot four inches (5ft 4″ or 163cm) tall.


In 2005, Sierra began her acting career at the age of eleven where she starred in the role of Sue in the film “The Gospel” together with her sisters China Anne and Lauryn Alisa. Nonetheless, Lauryn and Sierra’s roles in the movie were as support characters since China had a bigger role to play in the film. In 2007, Sierra McClain gained popularity after gaining her role in Tyler Perry’s film, “Daddy’s Little Girls” as Sierra James alongside her sisters. She also made a guest appearance in House of Payne. Sierra Aylina McClain was credited for composing the title theme for “A.N.T Farm”, a Disney series.

China Anne McClain’s sisters – Lauryn Alisa McClain

Lauryn Alisa has been acting and singing since her childhood days. She is an American TV actress and she gained a lot of popularity after she played a role in the film “Daddy’s Little Girls” as well as “House of Payne”. 


Lauryn McClain was born in January 7, 1997 in Atlanta Georgia, USA. She is 19 years old, thus, younger than Sierra but older than China and Gabriel McClain. Her birth sign is capricorn.


Just like her sister Sierra, Lauryn is five feet and four inches (5ft. 4”, 163cm) tall. 

Background and Early Years

Lauryn was born in an artistic family. When she was still in her first school musical she discovered her love and interest for acting and singing. She was once a very shy girl but her appearance in “The Gospel”, her first film, left her wanting more. This helped her a great deal in fighting her stage fright. Do you recall the days when she was on A.N.T Farm? She was an amazing singer and actress there.

Lauryn Alisa McClain loves reading chapter books, performing with her sisters, and to roller blade. On the other hand, like her mentor, Avril Lavigne, she hopes to one day play the guitar and write alternative songs. This stunning model hopes that someday she will become a veterinarian so that she can fulfill her undying love for animals.

China Anne McClain’s sisters are a talented duo. See where they spent their early years – China Anne’s house