China Anne’s McClain’s house


With six songs under her belt and two more solos featuring her sisters, China McClain is one of America’s fastest growing stars. Having been discovered artistically in 2005 the superstar has proved not to be a disappointment to her music fans and the producer too. She has continued to rise from one level of glory to another. China Anne realy burst onto the music scene in 2011 with the soundtrack to the “A.N.T Farm” in which she also starred. She is estimated to have a net worth of $600,000.00. She lives with her parents and siblings in Los Angeles, California.


China was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1998. Her father is a music producer and her mother is a song writer. As destiny would have it the family moved to Los Angeles therefore giving the three artistic girls a greater chance to make music and dominate the entertainment industry. Real estate is a booming business in Los Angeles, with the city being known as the global hub of night life and entertainment. Its lively beaches are ranked as some of the most desirable holiday destinations globally.

Houses in Los Angeles range in cost from hundreds to millions of dollars. China’s house is not an exception being valued at approximately $1.3m it befits the status of the star and her family. Standing on slightly over 0.15 acres, the house is about 1300 square ft.

The family house has five bedrooms with 3 baths. It faces the beach therefore being ideal for the creative family to work on their artistic pursuits.


The house has three steps reaching up to a covered porch. From the porch visitors come to view a neatly tiled living room and kitchen with counter tops made from granite. The rear door opens to a fenced yard with an expansive open patio. China Anne’s bedroom is decorated as an all-royal purple haven, with the walls covered with decorations displaying all of her loves, ranging from posters to musical images.